What can be Achieved with IBM Storage?

A vast amount according to the U.S. Department of Energy

Last year, Presidio Federal placed over 25 petabytes of usable capacity in three different Elastic Storage Server (ESS) clusters for DOE labs. This solved some of the DOE’s most rigorous unstructured data storage requirements.

One shared storage platform for all mission critical data and workloads.

IBM solutions, like ESS, address any storage requirements no matter the performance, scale, cost efficiency, density, flexibility, security, and availability requirements. 

High performance parallel data access with enterprise data services, supporting simultaneous access via multiple protocols to the same data from a single cluster that is built with simple scalable building blocks optimized for maximum capacity, density, throughput, low latency, and cost optimization. 

Allows consolidation of numerous siloed storage systems into one storage platform simplifying the management of huge amounts of data. 

ESS features and benefits include:


Supports any performance and scale requirements


Provides high RAS (reliability, availability, serviceability, data resiliency) levels – five 9’s (99.999%) 


Minimizes software licensing through the elimination of silo storage systems 


Minimizes training requirements by using one common management interface 


Provides end-to-end optimization of the solution ensured by IBM for risk mitigation

These ESS clusters can handle:

With high performance computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning capabilities, the ESS platform keeps up with the emerging technologies that are essential to future mission success. Having access to this large data on one platform creates a more secure network, especially for agencies looking to expand their AI capabilities.

High Performance Computing
Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning
Deep Learning

IBM's ESS Storage Offers:

A cost-effective, reliable data storage solution, the ESS platform is scalable to fit the needs of any agency and can be integrated seamlessly into current systems. Fast, secure, and large processing capabilities contribute to enhanced data storage performance. Additionally, using automation, data management processes are automated, saving both resources and money.

Data Mangement Automation

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