U.S. Public Services

Transform with a future-ready partner.

Government agency programs face a number of challenges delivering constituent services. Increased volumes, security, fraud, aging systems, and compliance issues can all obstruct and delay delivery, while the growing demand for consumer-grade user experiences adds additional pressure to modernize.

As a leading provider of modernization solutions, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is committed to helping governments transform how they serve people.

The TCS approach to modernization and transformation

Delivering transformative, consumer-grade digital experiences for Governments

Labor & Workforce

Health & Human Services

Finance & Administration

The TCS Difference


TCS’ solutions and delivery model support continuous modernization, which allows for changes in technology and user needs over time.

A new vision.

We believe fresh perspectives bring new ways of doing. We are innovators and thought leaders with a proven track record of success.

Delivery certainty.

Our established global presence, scale, and stability afford us the luxury of focusing on clients’ long-term vision and success. TCS upholds commitments to provide holistic solutions with certainty.

Resilient and agile.

Our forward-thinking solutions, platforms, and approach allow for proactive response to changes in technology, constituent demands, laws, and regulations.


Our Government 4.0 framework enables the government to map services to persona-based journeys, curating equitable, tailored access to citizen-centric experiences with public services.


We leverage our private sector experiences and learnings into work with the public sector to deliver proven solutions that lower risks and yield better outcomes.


Our integrated systems promote agency interoperability and deliver a common digital government experience that spans the lifecycle of government services. 


We believe transformation is about more than technology; it is about empowering change that supports the development of happy, healthy, and productive communities.

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